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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

Going to Hawaii
Dedicated to Ed Esguerra

Submitted by Christine

I can't explain but I know it is clear, where I am going next year.
It will be going to hawaii for my boyfriend Ed's birthday because I want to take him to a place I feel has a magic that no other place has. If you ever gone to hawaii you know what I mean. The island's are so beautiful and so are the people too. When you go to the beach the water is so clear you could see a relection of yourself. The sand is so clean that you don't feel anything piercing your feet. When you drive around you feel just laid back. The people of hawaii are so amazing they make you feel so welcome and so alive. I want my boyfriend Ed who has never been to hawaii to experience all that hawaii has to offer and not just read all the story book's and see for himself.

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