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Love Stories of Hawaii


Shave Ice Wishes & Poi Dreams
Dedicated to My Third grade teacher

Submitted by Kimberly

When I married my husband four months ago, I knew that he'd show me things I'd never seen before. But, I had no idea he would fulfill a lifelong dream. Since I was about five, I have always imagined myself as a hula girl. It may have started with my childhood friend, Noelani, who was born in Kauai. Or maybe it was the episode of Growing Pains, where they head for their family vacation on the beautiful islands. Whatever it was, was powerful enough to make me lie to my teachers. No kidding. Just before Spring Break, my 3rd-grade teacher asked our entire class what plans we had for the break. I was absolutely convinced, and told my teacher so, that we were headed to Hawaii for Spring Break. As I already admitted, that was a complete lie. How was I to know that my teacher would so enviously ask my mom to place her into our suitcase, so she could go with us. I was exposed. I didn't care though, because I knew that someday I WOULD make it to Hawaii. And I did. July 22, 2000 was my first trip to the islands. I thought my bug was bad before I left, but there isn't a day that goes by that I don't wish for the breeze to crawl across my skin, or the smell of plumeria to dance in my nostrils. So, Hawaii, thank you for awakening my senses and reviving my soul.

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