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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

Her name is HAWAII...
Dedicated to My family

Submitted by John

Her star found a home on the blue field of 'Old Glory', and she became a place of refuge. I was just four when Hawaii became our 50th state, but little did I know what effect her statehood would have on my life. She shared her gracious home with me when I was just a youth serving in our Navy. Her hospitality captured my heart for three years. I brought my parents to her shores for a special 25th Anniversary... Precious memories we still share today. I brought my bride to her shores for our Honeymoon in Paradise... A hallmark that has lasted us throughout 18 years of marriage. I brought my daughter, mother-in-law, and brother-in-law to her shores to celebrate the millennium with my wife by my side... Our family is blessed by the experiences we shared. Some people reach for rainbows... most never get that far. I touched a rainbow on her face many times with the people that I value the most on this earth. Her name is HAWAII, and you are coming home again.

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