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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

Hawaii Dream
Dedicated to Xiao Jun, my lover

Submitted by Hai

We kissed goodbye under that gate of Chinatown, San Francisco. That first kiss of her tender, sweet lips... We both looked up at the sky. Stars were so clear, so close, her eyes shiny with reflections from streetlights. I held her close, and kissed her again, this time longer and deeper - I knew she would go and that was all. We had met at friends' gathering and we had instantly caught on fire with each other. We both knew that was the best of our lives that came late, so late yet so beautiful, that we decided to keep it beautiful all the way. I did not kiss her until the moment of departure. My first kiss of her, and the last. She was getting married. Like in a dream, we parted slowly, and stepped back from each other. We waved at each other. She smiled and turned around, walking away...

She sent me a photo from Hawaii - a smiling her with Aloha flower wreath around her neck. I have kept this photo for 3 years and her smile is as sweet and loving as that night...

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