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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

Their honeymoon?
Dedicated to Adolph & Linda

Submitted by Kathy

"Your going on their honeymoon with them?" That was the question everyone seemed to be asking. Our friends were married in February 2000 after being together for many years. They had asked my husband and I to go to Hawaii with them, for their honeymoon. Of course it seemed kind of odd at first, but after thinking about it we decided to go ahead and go.

My husband and I had been married for 28 years and are still each others best friends. Life just seemed to be very busy, running a plumbing company, a house, and enjoying three grandchildren. It was like we never had time to ourselves any more. This is what we needed, to get away and relax.

After arriving in Lihue airport, we went on to our condo, unpacked and went to explore the island. Driving the North side of the island was the most beautiful place we had ever been. The waterfalls, plants, flowers and the beaches were breathtaking, and the people were the best. Allways a "good morning" or "hello".

The honeymooner's seemed to be fine on their own, so we decided to explore the beach at night. The moon was out, the water was warm and we were in Hawaii, what more could you ask for. Sometimes people forget the important things in life, the real important things. Like still being in love after 28 years to your best friend.

And now after falling in love with the island of Kauai we have a very special place to go visit again someday.

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