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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

Not Just for Lovers...
Dedicated to My husband and children

Submitted by Sharon

When I began planning our trip to Hawaii two years ago, it all seemed like a dream come true. And it was. I would dream each day and night of just how beautiful and full of romance it was going to be. I would sit at my desk at work and daydream about how my husband and I would have a romantic time. After all, we never had a honeymoon and this was our 20th wedding anniversary! When my husband, myself and our two children ages 12 and 15 arrived at our resort and stood out on the balcony, the beauty took our breath away! What I found out about Hawaii is that there is so much more to celebrate than what I had thought. Even with our two children there, Hawaii was such a beautiful, romantic place because of the sheer captivating natural beauty. The air is so fresh and clean and the water is so blue. The swaying palms are so relaxing. I enjoyed the trip even more than I ever imagined, because I got to share it with the three most important people in my husband, my daughter and my son.

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