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Love Stories of Hawaii

Secret Love

Purefrock lives
Dedicated to No More Fear

Submitted by Kendra

So i have a secret love, so how shall i presume, Says Elliott in his poem of love gone awue. He stands out side the room, and I by my desk, wondering if i should have, have the chance to kiss. A shirt, a shawl, a skirt of women walking by, here is the guy, here is the michelangelo I see by my side. So the questions remains, which he did deny, but i will break the purefrock in me this december late, when in Hawaii we will escape. In Waikiki, it may be that I can pretend to be a friend, then ever so softly in the light shined right, I will look that look in the middle of his eye. I shall break Purefrocks silence, and wisk my fear good bye- Until that day comes, my love lies in Hawai'i.

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