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Love Stories of Hawaii


"The Kiss"
Dedicated to Peter

Submitted by Lorena

The wind blew softly which made her hair shimmer under the moonlight. It was like a scene out of a movie, with soft music from afar, and only candles and starlight in which to see her beautiful eyes. It was perfect, he had been planning how to ask her for her hand in marriage, for what seemed like forever. He wanted it to be perfect but never could find the right moment, a moment like the one they were experiencing right then in Hawaii. He turned to her, gazed into her eyes, and moved her hair from her cheek slowly. Then he began to speak, reciting a poem he had written her when they first met. The poem was called "The Kiss". After he finished, there were tears in her eyes, as well as in his. She moved her arm up, as it said in the poem, and wiped the tear from his face, and told him how much she loved him. Reaching into his pocket slowly as to surprise her, he pulled out a small box, and lifted the lid as he began to kneel down. Another tear fell from his eyes, as he said, "Jenn, my love, I have loved you since the day we met, and will love you until the end of my creation. Will you do me the honour to become my wife?" She kneeled down beside him, grabbed his hands, and said yes. Pulling each other close as the waves washed up upon their legs, they kissed, and it was again, like the very first kiss.

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