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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

Paradise on Earth
Dedicated to Tom Davy

Submitted by Joy

Dear Tom,

Our love hardly resembles the delicate new thing it was when we met 21 years ago in bleak, cold Chicago--about as far away from Hawaii as it is possible to be. You were thinking (as you told me later), "How can I get this girl to marry me?" I was thinking, "Why is this handsome guy paying attention to me?"

That was before the agony and the ecstacy of 5 children's births, five toddlers' triumphs and tantrums, five children's challenges and precious gifts.

It has been what we dreamed of in the beginning, but more: a simple life with lots of children and lots of love, yes. But also there has been anguish, grief, disappointment and pain, as in any mature life, and there has been the loving healing brought about by a marriage of friendship and love.

You have done everything earthly possible to help my dreams come true. How I would love to give you this heavenly trip to Hawaii, to celebrate 20 years of marriage.

Love, Joy

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