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Love Stories of Hawaii

Secret Love

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" Like attracts Like " - by Lisa
A girl and her Island. - by Jonene
Hawaii, Our Secret Love - by Patricia
Best Freinds For Life - by Whitney
Andy's Eyes - by BlueJay
Impact of Changes on an Organizatio - by Ratan
When you least expect it. - by Anonymous
Constellations of Myself - by Stefanie
Old Friends - by Linda
A One-Sided Love - by Anonymous
A Cheeseburger in Paradise - by Frankie
Never, Yet Forever - by Heather
Toes Never Lie - by Heather
Those little things about you... - by Charlie
Purefrock lives - by Kendra
Forbidden Love - by Sam
Can't Live Without It - by Karen
Love at First Sight! - by Susan
My true first love - by Sheila
Telephone Love - by Donna
Free at Last! - by Patty
Oriental Treasure - by Gayanne
To Sleep Purchance to Dream - by Ali
Vida (Gift) - by Dr.Parag
Intimate Strangers - by Anonymous
Secret Admirer? - by Sue
Love that took so Long - by melissa
Meant to Be - by Stephanie
Roommate Switch - by Scott
True Love Unexpected - by CyanJade
I Finally Said I Love You - by Tracy
Love on the Beach - by Carol
Friends Forever - by Ciara
Love's Funny Little Games - by Courtney
A Love from the Sea - by Larry
Deeply in the grips of love - by Arsalan
Diamond Head - by Shelby
Dreams Can Come True - by Anonymous
Our Rendez-vous - by Monique
Rainbows - by Debbie
Retrieval - by Colleen
When I Feel You - by Khurram
The Secret Love of a Cameraman - by Maggie
I Love my Best Friend - by Baby
Magical Kauai - by Kristi
The only problem-ME! - by Melissa
A Gift For My Sweetheart - by Jessica
A Hawaiian Sunrise - by Catherine
From Afar - by Kelly
Only In My Heart - by Ronni
Our Moment - by Anonymous
The Circle of Life - by Andrea
The Middle Ground - by Heidi
Who Knew..The Magic of the Islands - by Katie
He didn't know I liked him. - by Mickey
I wish... - by Anonymous
It Was Raining - by Mehri
Mere Contact - by Lorrae
Wow... I'm In Love! - by Meeee
A Taste Of Heaven On Earth - by Tlc
Hawaiian Confessions - by Poki
I See A Fire Dancer - by Catalina
Lindsey - by Nick
Meet Me in Hawaii - by Anonymous
My heart belongs to you - by Anonymous
Always Hawaii - by Cathy
Awakening - by Andrew
Forbidden Love - by Jennifer
I was never able to express my luv - by Wisdom
The Loves that is created by A baby - by Natasha

Older stories can be found in our Secret Love Archives