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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance

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The Magic of Aloha - by Anonymous
If it's Magic, Never Let it Go - by Susie
Once Upon the Internet - by Janet
My Classmate, My Lover - by Anonymous
God grants a second chance - by Tabitha
A long awaited KISS....... - by Tom
Falling In Love All Over Again - by GS
True love never gives up - by Holly
The Runner - by Jack
My True Love - by Dean
A Christmas Gift From God - by Arie
My soulmate - by Anonymous
Love, Happiness, and Unicorns - by Colleen
Don't Give Up! - by Tracy
I want her back - by Joel
I will be loved someday - by Anonymous
Let Me explain - by Anonymous
Our Real Life 'Wicker Park'.... - by Anonymous
Shirt Tale - by Darrell
Winny the Cat - by Brenda
Next time - by Sarita
Hawaiian Surprise - by Vickie
The Hawaiian Wedding Song??? - by Anonymous
Can the love survive? - by Jennifer
My wife, my ex wife - by Edward
New Memories Can Be Made - by Claudia
The Aloha Spirit - by Debbie
Young Love - by Anonymous
Second Chance Love - by Amy
A place of refuge - by Lee
Angel II - by Anonymous
Falling in Love all Over Again - by Anonymous
Honeymoon of a lifetime - by Judith
It Must Be Kismet - by Courtney
Loving the best husband - by Maureen
Miracle - by Randy
My gago - by Anonymous
My Time was Worth the Wait - by Keli
Return wish to paradise - by Todd
Semper Fi - by Anonymous
Survival - by Anonymous
The Detour - by Brenda
Third time is DEFINATELY the charm - by Dena
True Love - by Adam
words I had to say - by Bob
It's never too late for love! - by Angela
We will be together again soon - by B.Tannenbaum
Sent from Heaven - by Cindy
Starting Over Again - by Anonymous
A new chance at life - by Anonymous
Love for the sake of God - by Happily
The luckiest man alive - by Chris
Almost lost my love, twice - by Mike
Awestruck Second Chance - by Denice
Do It Again - by Slap
how I met and married her - by Anonymous
Islands Give me Back my Lve - by Lee
Messed up and need a second Chance - by Anonymous
My new beginning - by Anonymous
Our Special Wish - by Shari
The Love of My Life - by Cathaleen
Through Each Other - by Anonymous
Midlife Romance - by Linda
Lost - by Raynie
Closer Than You Think (: - by Lenise
Destiny Was Her Name - by Frank
I waited for you - by Jennifer
I'd do it all over again for love - by V
My True Love. - by Nancyann-Misau
Pele's Gift - by Anonymous
Perfection - by Marla
Promise Hawaii - by Sabina
The Reminiscence Of Yesterday - by Tri
Was it fate? - by Angela

Older stories can be found in our Second Chance Archives