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Love Stories of Hawaii


Story Archives
128 Mountains to Climb - by Robert
1963 - by Carolyn
2nd Honeymoon - by Robert
33 Yr. Old Dream - by Charles
50 Years - by Anonymous
A Beautiful Dare - by A
A Breath of Heaven - by Lisa
A Covenant @ Princeville - by Janelle
A Kauai Love Poem - by Natalie
A Kiss the Next Day - by Pang
A life time of love - by Alberta
A little bit of Heaven! - by Anonymous
A Little Girls Dreams - by Sharon
"A Message of Love" - by Cynthia
A much needed vacation - by valerie
A Night in Hawaii - by Kelsey
A Peaceful Silence - by Anonymous
A Picture of Love - by Anonymous
A Place To Dream - by Anonymous
A Place To Get Away - by Anonymous
A Poem - by Michelle
A Poem: "Love's Perfume" - by Georgia
a poem of longing - by Edward
A Rainbow of Hope - by Anonymous
A Rivers Dance - by Erin
A Romantic Dream - by Danny
A Romantic Moment in Time - by Anonymous
A Second Honeymoon - by Eileen
A Sunset Of Love - by Melissa
A Time For Us - by Elizabeth
A wedding promise - by Mary
A Young Brides Wedding - by Wanda
After all these years - by Shelley
After The Loving - by Sheila
Ain't Got What It Takes - by Divine
Akua - by Michael
All I Need is You! - by Anonymous
Aloha - by Rita
Aloha - by Thomas
Aloha Aloha - by Anonymous
Aloha au ia oe Hawaii - by Mho
Aloha Hawaii - by Robert
Aloha In My Heart - by Sharon
Aloha Proposal - by Collette
Aloha Soul - by Joanne
Always - by Anonymous
Always and Forever - by Don
Always Be - by Brian
Always Show Love - by Libby
An Endless Promise - by Tina
"...And Stuff" - by Amanda
And...then...he walked by me... - by Kari
And There He Was - by Caitie
Anniversaries So Special To Me - by Libby
Anniversary - by Stephanie
Anniversary Trip - by Anonymous
Appreciating Island Grandeur - by Lesina
Awesome Hawaiian Contest - by Libby
Barefoot at the Beach - by Jeannie
Becareful She Cries - by Cathy
Beckoning Blue - by Sharon
Before We Go To Hawaii - by Mildred
Big Island Love - by John
Blessed - by Tammie
Blinded - by Patricia
Bliss - by Anonymous
Body of Art - by Ani
Body Of Art - by Me
Body Of Art - by Ms
Broken Tears - by Bobbi
Can There Be You? - by John
Candle in the Wind - by Sandy
Change of Life - by Anonymous
Character of Love - by Rebecca
Closer To Silence - by Jacque
Colors Of Life - by Anonymous
Come Into The Light - by Sally
Commitment for Life - by Anonymous
Companion - by Anonymous
Compatability - by Carl
Dancing Waves - by Melanie
Dancing With A Stranger - by Sheila
Daydream - by Carl
Dear John - by Helen
Don't be sorry... - by Anonymous
Dont Say I Never Loved You - by Anonymous
Dream - by Pamela
"dream A Better Life" - by Elaine
Dream Lover - by Anonymous
Dream Lusts into Pure Romance - by Teri
Dream Trip - by Kathryn
Dreamin' My Vay to Havyyeee! - by Don
Dreaming of Hawaii - by Lora
Dreams - by Eileen
Dreams of Love - by Lee
Dreams of Paridise - by Joanne
Dyslexic Cowboy - by Anonymous
Each Time - by Connie
Enchanted Beauty - by Jennifer
Escape with me dear kindred spirit - by Anonymous
Eternal Love - by Anonymous
Eternal Love - by Lori
Eternal Love - by Melissa
Eternal Waves - by Anonymous
Everlasting Love - by Jennifer
Everlasting Love - by Anonymous
Every day I win - by Randy
Falling In Love With You - by Brenda
Farewell - by Heather
Fate - by Yvette
Feeling waves - by John
Female seeks Male - by Jim
Fighters Of Pearl Harbor - by J
Find Us - by Melanie
Finding Love - by Anonymous
First Love Forever Love - by Charlene
First Meeting - by Louie
Fleeing love - by Anonymous
For All That You Do - by Jami
For All You've Done For Me - by Cindy
Forever - by Barry
Forever Aloha - by Jana
Forever..... Friends - by Katherine
Fortieth Anniversary Colors - by Elaine
Four More Mondays - by Terra
Free Indeed - by John
From These Islands....To Your Heart - by Jennifer
Garden Kauai - by Nafanuason
Gardenia - by Barbara
Geoff And I Under The Stars - by tiffany
Gone But Never Forgotten - by Jennifer
Happily Ever After - by Tami
Hawaii - by Amy
Hawaii - by Carolyn
Hawaii - by Chris
Hawaii - by Don
Hawaii - by Elenzo
Hawaii - by Gary
Hawaii - by Jami
Hawaii - by Jimmie
Hawaii - by Lenora
Hawaii - by Me
Hawaii And You - by Debbie
Hawaii - Here I come! - by Gene
Hawaii Here We Come - by Patti
Hawaii Here We Come - by Suzanne
Hawaii, I'm Yours - by Anonymous
Hawaii, in white and blue - by Anonymous
Hawaii Is - by Anonymous
Hawaii -- Island of Romance - by Anonymous
Hawaii Love - by Jamie
Hawaii, Mary and Me - by James
Hawaii Memories - by Anonymous
Hawaii, My Paradise - by Valtaree
Hawaii Nei - by Pila
Hawaii, oh Hawaii - by Kerri
Hawaii Rather Than Chicago - by Kim
Hawaii Sunrise - by Mike
Hawaii the beautiful - by Stanley
Hawaii Tirlogy - by Mary
Hawaii to Save the Marriage - by Randall
Hawaii Wishes - by Hiyas
Hawaiian Dream - by Katie
Hawaiian Dream - by Yvonne
Hawaiian Dream - by Yvonne
Hawaiian Dreams - by Penny
Hawaiian Gods Rejoice - by Rachelle
Hawaiian Haikus - by Anonymous
Hawaiian Homeland - by William
Hawaiian Honeymoon - by Brenda
Hawaiian Honeymoon - by Suzan
Hawaiian Love - by Candice
Hawaiian Love - by Anonymous
Hawaiian Love - by Stephanie
Hawaiian Love - by Anonymous
Hawaiian Love Affair - by Joanne
Hawaiian Poem - by Thomas
Hawaiian sky - by Ila
Hawaiian Sonnet - by Joy
Hawaiian Wish - by Jeff
Hawaiin Heart - by Anonymous
Hawaiin Heartache - by Abrielle
Hawaiin Song - by Deborah
He Captured My Heart - by Anonymous
Heavens Meet the Earth - by William
Hidden Treasure - by Cyndi
High School Sweethearts Once Again - by Meghan
Him - by Patti
His Spirit...Hawaii - by Caroline
Holiday in Hawaii - by Julie
Home, My Hawaii - by Eileen
"Honey I'm Home" - by Anonymous
Honeymoon - by Suzanne
Honeymoon in Hawaii - by Anonymous
Honeymoon in Paradise - by Anonymous
Hope - by Nina
How I Feel - by David
How I Hooked My Soul Mate - by Cheri
"i" - by Tim
I Am In Love - by NeO
I Am Not Looking Because - by Joseph
I can only dream of Hawaii - by Candy
I Do love you still - by Michelle
I Dream of Hawaii - by Stacey
I Had a Dream of You and I - by Sonja
I Just Called To Say "Hawaii" - by Anne
I Just Knew - by Misty
I Know I'm In Love With You Because - by Joseph
I love - by Kelly
I love you - by Anonymous
I Love You, Fred - by Andrea
I Love You Still - by Cindy
I never knew - by Anonymous
I Remember It Well - by Odette
I still I Do - by Linda
I thought I knew - by Thomas
I Want To Be With You In Hawaii - by Laura
I will marry you - by Penny
I'd been Waiting for You. - by Maurice
I'll Be Your Toy - by Joseph
If I could give - by Michelle
If only... - by Tracy
If Only In Hawaii - by Angela
If The Sky Should Crack... - by Anonymous
If We Win The Trip - by John
Imagine - by Nikki
Invitation - by Anonymous
Island Days - by Anonymous
Island Love Call - by Mary
Islands of Hawaii - by Anonymous
"It Happened in Hawaii" - by Laraine
It's Magic ! - by Sheila
Jamaica mistaka - by Kellie
Je t'aime - by Anonymous
Just A Muu Muu - by Bernie
Just One Kiss - by Sharon
Kauai Aloha, Hawaii - by Laura
Kea'au Rain - by Anonymous
Kind of Love - by Jerry
Knowing - by Emily
Kuualoha - by Melika
Last Days of Iraq - by Thomas
Learning and Yearning... - by Debbie
Legends of Hawaii - by Teresa
Leilani Wanna Hula - by Ellen
Let Me Go Back To Waikiki - by Donna
Let's meet in Hawaii - by carolyn
Let's Wait - by Annette
Life - by Roy
Life Secrets - by Randy
Light of My Love - by Carla
Like No Other - by Linda
Lisa - by Justin
Longing Distance Calls - by Richard
Lono (Hawaiian God of Love) II - by Ryan
Lono part (Hawaiian God of Love) I - by Ryan
Lost Hawaiian wedding ring - by Greg
Lost Love - by Melissa
Love - by Anonymous
Love - by Anonymous
Love Brings Forth - by Anonymous
Love Colors - by Andrew
Love Everlasting - by Stephanie
Love from the Heart - by Diane
Love Hawaii - by Vanessa
Love in a Bottle - by Paula
Love in Hawaii (poem) - by Julia
Love in Oahu - by K.f.q.d
Love is - by Mary
"Love is in Hawaii" - by Laraine
Love: Just A Classroom Away - by Anonymous
Love Never Ends - by Carolyn
Love Never Ends - by Anonymous
Love of Hawaii - by Jackie
Love Of My Life - by Kevin
Love Poem - by Wendy
Love Rekindled - by April
Love Timeless Love - by Anonymous
Love Was Blessed In Hawaii..... - by Lucinda
Love Waves - by Anonymous
Lovely as Hawaii - by Audrey
Loving you - by Jennifer
Loving You - by Me
Luckiest Man in the World - by Jess
Magical Inspiration - by Marla
Mahogany - by Heather
Marital Bliss - by Maren
Married until the End. - by Christina
Maui Musings - by Guy
Meet Me In Hawaii - by Colleen
Meet me in Hawaii - by Elizabeth
Meet me in Hawaii - by Sherry
Memories - by Linda
Memories Takes me Away - by Rowena
Memories To Keep - by Acadian
Ment to be - by Kimberly
Miraculous Recovery - by John
Missing My Home, My Hawaii - by Eileen
Moments in Time - by Scott
Moonlight In Hawaii - by Edna
Moonlight Stroll - by Lesina
My Beautiful Ana - by Anthony
My Blessing - by Crystal
My Blue Christmas - by Sharon
My Crush - by Anonymous
My Desire - by Anonymous
My Dream Come True - by Brittany
My Endless Love - by Deborah
My Endless Love - by Anonymous
My Feelings For You.... - by Donna
MY Forever Love - by Gail
My Hawai`i - by William
My Hawaiian Angel - by Barbie
My Hawaiian Princess - by Casey
My Heart's True Love - by Mary
My Hearts Desire.... Fulfilled - by Debra
My Honey - Our Hawaii - by Todd
My Life - by Lillian
My Lost Love - by Alida
My Love - by Andrea
My Love - by Anonymous
My love and Me in Hawaii - by William
My Love Blooms Every Day - by Richard
My Love for you - by Carol
My Love For You - by penny
My Love, My Life, My True Friend - by Anonymous
My Mistress (Hawaii) - by Ryan
My Old-Fashioned Love Song - by Anonymous
My Own Prince Charming - by Tracy
My secret love. - by Kaitlin
my thoughts Haiku Poetry - by Anonymous
My Unsung Love - by Shirley
My Vows - by Derrick
My Wonderdul Wife - by Jim
My Wonderful Husband - by Libby
Never Felt Like This - by Sharon
No Honeymoon - by Sally
No One Better For My Sister - by Lacy
No Snow - No Ice. - by Nancy
No Snow - No Ice. - by Nancy
No Words - by Jennifer
O my Husband of Thirty - One Years - by Lesina
Oceans Glory - by Mindy
Ode to Bob - by Anonymous
Ode to Hawaii - by Philip
Ode to Love in Hawaii - by Victoria
Oh, Hawaii Dreamin' - by Anonymous
Old, New, Borrowed, and Blue - by Summer
On a Moonlit Night - by Tracy
One - by Krista
One and Only - by Susan
One day - by Anonymous
One day you'll see - by Carla
Only in Hawaii - by Caitlin
Only in Hawaii ... - by Maria
Only Until Forever, My Love - by Wendy
Our 25th Anniversary - by Zona
Our Anniversary - by Anubha
Our Anniversary Trip - by Jennifer
Our Connection - by Anonymous
Our Hawaiian Day - by Joy
Our Love - by Melanie
Our Love - by Sarah
Our Love Story - by Dennis
Our Love Story - by Elaine
Our Love Story - by Jim
Our Romantic Paradise - by Michelle
Our Story - by Katy
Our wedding invitation - by Daniel
Paradise - by Rbk
Paradise Home - by Lesina
Paradise Loving - by Jean-charles
Passion is a gift - by Toni
Past, Present and Future - by Dan
Pele's Gift - by Stefani
Persimmon Sky - by Anonymous
Pick Me Please! - by Kathryn
Picture this.... - by Anton
Pirate of Love - by Saida
Places to Honeymoon - by Anonymous
PLEASE COME HOME..soon - by Lin
Poems-Moon Light and Silver Lining - by Meena
poetry- crushing down to Hawaii - by Moushumi
Pretty Pearl, Shining Bright - by Kepi
Pure Bliss - by Jessica
Reborn - by Amy
Remember When - by Anonymous
Remembering Hawaii - by Jennifer
Renaissance Wedding - by James
Rewarding - by Anonymous
Rich in Love - by Kahea
Romancing the Lava Dome - by By
Sand - by Lindsay
Sealed with a kiss. - by Ryan
Seasons of Married Life - by Verna
Second Honeymoon - by Belinda
Second Honeymoon - by Lana
Senses - by Victoria
Shining Sunsets - by Anonymous
Simple - by Jo
Simply Perfect - by Sharon
Since I Found You, Life's a Whole Lot Sweeter - by Katherine
Sisters - by Frank
Soft Dreams - by Linda
Solilque - by Francine
Someday Hawaii - by Anonymous
Someplace - by PJ
Sonets for the Hawaiianese - by Michele
Soul Mate - by Arzina
Soul mates - by Ethel
Sparks Ignited - by Debbie
Special destination, special event - by Anonymous
Spirit of Aloha - by Ingrid
St.Valentine's Day Is... - by Anonymous
Statue in Hawaii - by Poet
Statue in Hawaii - by Poet
"Still Dreaming" - by Sheila
Still Together - by Anonymous
Stolen moment - by Teresa
Such a Necklace - by Larry
Summer Dreams - by Anonymous
Summer Love - by Mandy
Sweet Hawaiian Wedding - by Lori
Sweet Oblivion - by Danielle
Sweetheart - by Elizabeth
Sweetheart - by Tina
Sweethearts Still In Love! - by Marcia
Tangerine Sunbeams - by Michele
That man - by Anonymous
That One Little Surprise... - by Erin
The Beautiful Isle of Hawaii - by Jan
The Bed - by Allen
The Calling - by Jeanne
The Cycle - by Erica
The Day My Heart Stood Still - by Bryan
The Dream - by Jan
The dream of Hawaii and You - by Rachel
The Dreams I Have Seen - by James
The Great Affair - by Anonymous
The Honeymoon - by Molly
The Kiss - by Jeanette
The Lady Called Romance - by Anonymous
The Love Of My Life - by Al
The Love Song of the Boxer Crab - by Elizabeth
The Love That Inspire Artists - by Catrine
The Mechanic - by Elizabeth
The Miles Between - by Anonymous
The Old Spot - by Heather
The One - by Brian
The One - by Anonymous
The One for Me - by Katherine
The One That Got Away - by Mark
The Only One - by Christopher
The Past - by Danny
The Perfect Day - by Natalia
The Perfect Gift - by Roger
The Return - by Anonymous
The Ring - by P
the Sky the Sea, you and me - by Sue
The sweet smell of aloha - by Wade
The Ultimate - by Catalina
The Walk - by Dan
The Warmth - by Don
The Waves - by Drake
The way you make me feel - by Mellany
The Wedding - by B
This Fragile Love - by Anonymous
Thoughts of You - by Tom
Timeless Love - by Michael
Timeless Love - by Wendy
Timeless Traveler - by M
To Fall in Love All Over Again - by Julie
To Love Again - by R
To My True Love - by Anonymous
To My Wife - by Joe
To the man who has changed my life - by Tracee
To the One - by Dawn
To Two states of Beauty - by Louanne
Together - by Andrea
Together We'll Live - by Lorie
Torn Apart by Distance - by Kathryn
Traveling Partners. - by Karl
Treasures from Heaven - by Joon
Tropical Dreams - by Chris
Tropical Dreams are Waiting - by Darlene
Tropical Love - by Laurel
True Love - by Mary
True Love - by Tami
Trust in ME - by Frank
Two Coats (a song) - by Richard
Two Couples, One Adventure - by Melody
Typical Day - by Cathy
U stole my heart - by Lisa
"Unconditional Love" : "Ko te Aroha - by Cherene
Undivided - by Anonymous
Until we meet again - by Ramona
Upcoming Bride - by E
Utopia - by Amie
Val and Tine's Day - by Debbie
Valentine wish - by Nancy
Valentine's Day - by Patrick
Valentine's Day - by Richard
Valentine's Proposal - by Tina
Vince has passed away - by Anonymous
Visions Forever - by Angela
Vows - by Bev
Vows - by Bev
Warmth - by Mary
"we" - by Sheila
Wedding Shmedding - by Skinny
What Be Love - by Terra
What do I do? - by Anonymous
What I Have Been Searching For - by Justin
What Is Love? - by Tina
What Love Brings - by Joseph
What Love Is - by Cynthia
"What Matters" - by Cherene
What we have been dreaming of - by Sarah
When I Dream - by Carolyn
"Where Could I Go?" - by Debbie
Why - by Sue
Why-ee Can't I Be In Hawaii? - by Jessica
Will We Ever See Hawaii - by Kent
Will You Marry Me? - by Patrick
With love to my husband - by Sharon
Worth the Wait - by Jill
Wouldn't it Be Nice.... - by Tanya
Year 4 - by Lawrence
You are my Deja vu - by Lightsoul
You Are Never Too Old - by Olive
You Are There - by Anonymous
You Have Always Been The One - by Michele
You Must Be - by Anonymous
You Still Get to Me - by Nicky
Young Again - by Roberta
Your love - by Faith
Your Love Is All I Need. . . - by Nelson
Your Someday is Today! - by Michael

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