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Love Stories of Hawaii

First Meeting

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Rescue Me! - by Anonymous
Hawaii, the Home of our Hearts - by Angela
My First Experience With Paradise - by Anonymous
Rich in Love - by Anonymous
The best night of my life - by Anonymous
Never forgotten - by Austin
The Hawaiian Sun and You - by Anonymous
A Chemical Reaction - by BJ
Back to the my future - by Bob
Someday - by Bob
On The Breeze - by Anonymous
"Reunited" with Hawaii - by Bob
Taking a Chance... - by Anonymous
Meeting in the Middle - by Bruce
A story of tears and regret - by Chandni
Ode to Hawaii - by Cheryl
Chat Confusion - by Anonymous
Longing For Love - by Christy
A Chance Encounter - by Colleen
Conquering Cowboy - by Colleen
He Gave Me Mangosteens! - by Cori
A new beginning - by Cortney
It happened by suprise - by Crystal
My Internet Fling - by Crystal
My - by Darice
The Road To Hana - by Desiree
Hawaii Magic! - by Anonymous
If Only I'd Met You Sooner - by Eileen
Something New - by Elaina
A moment that lasts forever - by Glenda
oops! Got Caught. - by Anonymous
Haven Hawaii - by Gord
If you wish upon a star... - by Anonymous
Fate - by Anonymous
Take my Man to Hawaii - by Jacqueline
Caught up in you - by Anonymous
Inspired by Hawaii - by Anonymous
Hawaiian Sunrise - by Janice
Fate Does Exist - by Jeammy
The Perfect Storm - by Jennifer
Third Time's a Charm - by Joanne
Losing Your Heart - by John
Lucky in Love - by Kara
Kowalski Thread--the tie that bound - by Kathy
Holiday Suprise - by Kenneth
As fate would have it. - by Anonymous
Finding my Path in the Sun - by Mary
Mr. Right - by Mary
Cute Shoes - by Anonymous
Smile a Little Smile For Me - by Anonymous
Blue Eyed Man - by Anonymous
It had to be fate... or luck? - by Mary
Small World - by Anonymous
"Footprints on the Sands of Time" - by Nick
Sweeped off my feet - by Anonymous
Love at First Sight - by Anonymous
First meet - by Rani
Termanal Love... - by Raymond
I Grabbed His Shirt - by Rochie
25 Years Later - by Sandra
Happy Hour at the Tahitian Lounge - by Anonymous
For a Reason - by Sarah
Fate - by Anonymous
Amusment Park Love - by Shineah
Aloha Calls - by Sue
My Hearts Content - by Susie
"Tell me the story, Daddy" - by Susie
Baby Beach - by Tammy
Take a Chance - by Terri
Love at First Sight - by Vikki
Was Him - by Yaritza

Older stories can be found in our First Meeting Archives