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Love Stories of Hawaii

First Meeting

Story Archives
A beautiful girl - by Eric
A Beautiful Leis - by Kristen
A Better Me Because Of Love - by Anonymous
A Chance Meeting - by Roger
A Day at The Beach - by Carole
A Dream Come True - by Julie
A Hawaiian Love Affair - by Catherine
A Lesson in Love - by Trina
A Little Late - by Martha
A Lonely Anniversary - by Julie
A Love Story - by Robert
A Love That Never Dies - by Michael
A Tale Of Fate - by Tina
A Time To Treasure - by Vicky
A True Love Beginning in 2000 - by Tammy
A True Love Story - by Keli
After the Homecoming Queen - by Jay
Aloha Hawaii--A True Story - by Betty
Aloha Worldwide - by George
An Unexpected Evening - by Carl
An unforgettable night - by Jen
Anonymous - by Anonymous
Are you Crazy?? - by Isabel
As Easy As Falling Upstairs - by Mr
Awaited Love - by Joseph
Basketball Love - by Melinda
Blind Date - by Dave
Blind Date - by Heather
Blind Dates Aren't So Bad - by Joanna
Chance Meeting - by Lameka
Clickers - by Shayne
Coming Home - by Karen
Cupid Strikes Again - by Sarah
December Dreams - by Joyce
Destiny - by Tara
Difficult Merger - by Jan
Digital Dating - by Ann
Dream Come True - by Duane
Dream come True - by Scott
Dream Girl - by Jake
Dream High - by James
Dream Love - by Maria
Dreaming - by Sherry
Dreaming of You - by Anita
Dreams - by Kari
Dreams really do come true - by Laurie
Emalgumfied at the Dentist Office - by Anonymous
Endless Love - by Jana
Endless Love - By Destiny - by Susan
Enjoying the Music of Life Together - by Marvia
Even Now My Heart Stands Still - by Mary
Everything - by Anonymous
Everything happens for a reason - by Beverly
Feeling Beauty in Hawaii - by Nancy
Finding Unexpected Love - by Jamie
Finding You... - by Heather
Fire Engine Red Face - by Lorraine
First Date with a little help - by Winslow
First Hate, Then Love - by Julie
First Meeting Lasts - by Jean
First My Friend then My Lover - by Anonymous
First Split Second Gaze - by Anonymous
"Flying High" - by Rebecca
Found a Friend named Frederick - by Sheree
Girl meets Boy - by Christy
Grateful - by Karen
Happy Trails - by Becky
Hawaii Boy Finds Love - by Shelly
Hawaii brought us together - by JT
Hawaii Love Song - by Laurie
Hawaiian encounter - by Lori
Hawaiian Friday - by Anonymous
Hawaiian Memories - by Paul
Hawaiian Miracle - by Sheila
Hawaiian Prince - by Jennifer
Hawaiian Shirt: Cupid Couldn't Miss - by K
Hawaiian "Special" - by JoAnn
Hawaiin Angel - by Anonymous
He's Not Perfect, He's JUST RIGHT - by Kimberly
"Heaven on Earth" - by Angela
High School 1960 - by Elaine
His Compassion, Did It For Me - by Eileen
Hockey pool hawaii honeymoon - by Alana
Honeymoon Hawaii, Dream or Reality - by Valerie
How he picked me up - by Anonymous
How I knew she was my destiny... - by Brom
How I Met the Love of my Life - by Roger
How We Met - by Ken
I caught the rope and him - by Joanna
I Heard It On The Radio - by Anonymous
I Just Knew... - by Amy
I just met the island of Hawaii - by Catalina
I Married My Stalker - by Arpana
I met him on my birthday in Hawaii - by Catalina
I met my wife in a Hawaiian Disco - by Mike
I'm In Heaven - by Barbara
I'm The Lucky One - by Millie
Idyllic Accidents - by Christa
If The Shoe Fits - by Deborah
Improbable Love - by Forrest
In a moment - by Anonymous
Incredible Eyes - by Travis
Insight and the Palm Reader… - by Anonymous
Island - by Nin
Island Imprints - by Anonymous
It Had To Be Fate - by Susan
It Lasting! - by Marisa
It's a small world - by Crystal
"Jesse's Girl" - by Rick
Jim Nabors - by Karen
Just 2 more! - by kj
Just Perfect For Each Other - by Patti-Ann
Kalakaua Casanova - by Frank
Kaua'i Discovery - by Lynn
Kona Beaches - by Nancy
Least Expected - by Anonymous
Lei Day - by Anonymous
Lonely No Longer - by Laurie
Long LIve True Love! - by Starr
Love at 10,000 Feet Over Hawaii - by Randy
Love at Artpark - by Robin
Love At First Sight - by Jim
Love at "First Sight" - by Kia
Love at First Sight - by Kim
Love at first sight - by Rhonda
Love at the Teller Window - by Amanda
Love - beyond time and place - by Staci
Love for a lifetime - by Angela
Love from Above - by Ellisa
Love Hawaii Style: A True Story - by Taryn
Love Hawaiian Style - by Judy
Love in the Beef Plant - by Darcie
love is in the Air - by Bobbie
Love Is Not Easily Discovered - by Sara
Love Makes Life Worth Living - by Kitty
Love Mixed with Spanglish! - by Leon
Love, Plumerias and Malasadas - by Fernando
Made sure, this time ... - by Cindy
Magnetics - by Ed
Main Street - by Karen
Marvin N Me - by Linda
Matthew my love - by Melyssa
Meant To Be - by Jamie
Meeting Connie in China - by John
Memories of March 97 - by Lynn
Ment to Be - by Anonymous
Miracles Do Happen - by Christopher
Mother Knows Best - by Samantha
Mother Knows Best - by Susan
My Best Freind - by Robin
My Best Friend - by Laura
My Fairy tale Story - by Melissa
My Hawaiian Dancer - by Teri
My Hawaiin Love Story - by Lois
My Love, Bunny - by Patrice
My "Mommy~Moon" - by JaCie
My Number 5 Guy - by Mary
My only true love. - by Anonymous
My soulmate - by Camragirl
My story of My baby - by Cheryl
Never Say Never - by Amber
Not - by Denna
Not My Type - by Anonymous
Not my type! But,hm, a hairy chest? - by Anonymous
Once In A Blue Moon - by Fireopal
Once in a Lifetime - by Shelley
One Magical Night - by John
One wrong turn led to Mr. Right - by Jen
Our First Date - by Anonymous
Our First Glance - by Cheryl
our first time - by aimee
Our Flight - by Anonymous
Our Love Story - by Alfonzo
Paradise, Hawaii - by Judy
Pinnacle of Love - by Susan
Planned ,but I didn't know - by Dianna
Promotion - by Steve
Purple Velvet Love - by Starr
Red Card - by Janelle
Romance Hawaiian Style - by Yvonne
Romance on February 15th - by Carolina
Same Time Tomorrow! - by Kari
Sandprints - by Makri
Second Chance - by Charles
Shared Interests - by Anonymous
She Was All Over Me - by Christopher
Soda Jerk Romance - by Anonymous
Soul's Mate - by R
Space and Time - by Wendy
Spirit - by Matt
Surrender - by Anonymous
Sweet Lei Lani - by James
"Swept off my Feet" - by Kathrine
Take Him He's Yours - by Anonymous
Taking a Chance - by Richard
Tall, Dark, and Handsome? - by Kathleen
Thanks for the Memories, I Guess - by Martha
That Day - by Johnnie
The Balcony Lounge - by Rod
The Blind Date - by Mary
The Cab Ride - by Diane
The Chance of a Lifetime - by Kerry
The Chance of a Lifetime - by Anonymous
The Dance Partner - by Liz
The Day I Met Him - by Crystal
The day I met my MATCH - by Anonymous
The Day The Sail Went Up - by Jeremy
"The Day We Met" - by Amy
The email - by Mandi
The First Time I Laid Eyes On You - by Kimberle
The Flower - by Lorie
The Islands Live Within - by Jessica
The keys to what? - by Sue
The Life Line - by Elaine
The Love Of A State - by Lois
The Love of My Life - by Kathleen
The love that captures me always - by N.v
The Lure of the Sea - by Diane
The Lyme Warriors - by Katherine
The Man in My Dreams - by T
The Man of my Dreams. - by Anonymous
The Music Of Love - by Jack
The Right Vibes - by Lauren
The Street Walker - by Linda
The Woman for Whom I Prayed to God - by Richard
The "Yankee" Dollar, Hawaiian Style - by Hue
The Yellow Hibiscus - by Margo
Their Eyes Met - by Cindy
There, A Home - by Tom
Time is all the help you need - by Jessica
To Be or Not To Be - by Ginny
To my first and only love forever - by Betty
Tommy - by William
Touched by a Goddess - by William
Tropical Encounter - by Rae
True Love Last Forever - by Georgetta
True Love On The Internet - by Wendi
Vacation in Paradise - by Janis
Valentine - by Anonymous
Waikiki Weekend - by Sarena
We meet again - by Andrew
When I first saw Jenny - by Anonymous
When You Least Expect It - by Sheri
Where are you from???? - by Anonymous
Who'da thunk! - by Michele
You Look Like You Need Ice Cream - by Sharyn
You Must Mean Rich - by Celia
You're Still the One I Want - by Yolanda

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