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Preserving Wedding Day Memories

Wedding video styles and qualities vary, as do their prices. Your personal preferences and your budget determine the video type that's best for you.

Wedding Videography Styles

Straight-shot footage uses a single camera in linear fashion, starting at the beginning of your ceremony and continuing, without interruption, to the reception's end, without editing. This style is the least expensive, since it uses one camera and is unedited.

Nostalgic format begins with childhood photographs and progresses to photos of romantic, fun times the couple have shared, followed by scenes from the wedding ceremony and reception. This format is generally more expensive, as it requires post-editing.

Wedding documentary format begins with shots of the bride and groom getting ready, then progresses through the ceremony and reception, capturing spontaneous moments and interviews with family and friends, and ends with the bride and groom leaving the reception. Prices vary according to the quality of the equipment and the amount of post-production work.

Finding & Interviewing a Videographer/Photographer

Find a qualified videographer/photographer first by getting recommendations from friends, wedding photographers, and wedding and site coordinators. Ask these key questions:

  • Are the video equipment (cameras, editing and dubbing machines) and recording media (tapes, disks) current, high-quality, professional grade?
  • How many cameras and wireless microphones do they use for an event?
  • Is the editing post-edited or in-camera?
  • Is the fee hourly or flat?
  • Does the quote include editing, titles, and music?
  • How many total hours of coverage do they shoot?
  • How many hours in the finished piece?
  • Is the unedited master tape/disk included?
  • Cost of additional tapes/disks?
  • When do you receive your final tape/disk?
  • Do they have back-up gear/power at the event, in case of equipment failure?
  • Do they need any special lighting, electrical outlets, etc.?
  • Have they shot a ceremony and reception in your location(s) before?
  • Will they meet you at the ceremony site prior to the event to determine the best shooting angles?
  • Can they provide a portfolio and references?

Wedding packages can include a horse-drawn carriage ride and conch shell blower to add a romantic, island theme to images.

Get a contract confirming answers to the above questions, and be sure to check with your ceremony site about any rules or regulations they may have regarding videotaping.

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