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Romantic Rings

The wearing of wedding bands has evolved into a tender and beautiful demonstration of affection, the never-ending circle of the ring representing eternal love.

Choosing the perfect band is a delicate balance between creating the ring of your dreams – one that simultaneously looks nice on your hand and is appropriate for daily wear – and one that fits within your budget. Jewelers recommend working with a professional to assure that you get the best quality you can afford. The American Gem Society (AGS), founded in 1934, is one organization that maintains high standards and sponsors ongoing educational programs for its members. The AGS provide consumer information and the ability to search for jewelers and appraisers on their website.

Long considered a girl's best friend, diamonds are the most durable of stones and the traditional choice for engagement and wedding rings, their flash and sparkle dictated largely by their carat weight, clarity, color, and cut (the 4 C's). In recent years, many couples have gravitated toward colored stones for a less conventional, more distinctive look. Rubies and sapphires make great alternatives, holding up well over the years, and are available in a range of colors.

If you are contemplating matching bride and groom bands, consider making one ring a variation of the other, eliminating the concern that what might look lovely on her petite hand might not be appropriate for him.

Your wedding rings are symbols of your relationship that should withstand the test of time. Heed the experts' common sense advice: Buy from a reputable source and take your time finding the right jeweler.

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