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Benefits of using a Professional Wedding Planner or Coordinator

Unless you are commuting weekly to Kauai to plan your wedding, using a local wedding planner/coordinator eliminates the stress of remotely orchestrating the myriad details of a wedding in a destination miles and multiple time zones away. A professional Kauai wedding planner can help you plan, scout for vendors, handle meetings, and coordinate the minutiae. This professional is your on-location advocate and organizer. He/she knows the venues and the providers and the local pitfalls to avoid.

Some hotels and resorts have on-site wedding coordinators and customizable wedding packages, or they contract with independent planners and/or can give you recommendations for local professional coordinators. The Kauai Wedding Professionals Association is a good resource for finding coordinator candidates. For their directory, visit: See also the Kauai Weddings Travel Directory.

Using an on-site wedding planner/coordinator allows you to oversee the process and delegate the day-to-day management of the details to your on-the-ground professional -- who reports back to you on progress. You can divide and conquer the tasks, doing those you wish to do and assigning the rest to your coordinator. The wedding planner, for example, can pre-screen vendors (like photographers, etc.) and present the finalists to you for your decision.

A wedding on Kauai is your event of a lifetime. A true professional has orchestrated these events dozens of times and knows how to get yours done right the first time and plan it all while you are literally a world away

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