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Perfect Pictures

The gown, the hairstyle, and a beautiful location are all important elements of your Kauai wedding, but 10, 20, or even 50 years later, your wedding photographs provide precious memories. Documenting the event for future enjoyment is why choosing the best photographer for your wedding pictures is critical.

You should be able to talk freely to the photographer and feel confident that he/she understands what you want. Review the photographer's portfolio to get a sense of his/her style and competence.

Make sure the photographer uses both film and digital formats. Elegant, old-fashioned sepia-toned prints can be made using the digital format. However, no one knows how quickly CD’s may degrade or if today’s electronic formats will be compatible with tomorrow’s technology, so you’ll want film negatives as well, which last 50 years, if stored properly.

A talented photographer can change the exposure, soften skin tones, and correct color balance to place you in the most flattering light possible. Consider a wedding package that includes elements like a horse-drawn carriage ride and conch shell blower to add a romantic, island theme to your photographs.

And be sure that the photographer has back-up equipment for the event. He/she will have just one shot at getting it right. See the article on choosing a videographer for questions to ask also of your photographer.

Thanks to Dianne Reynolds Photography for her contributions.

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