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See Maui by Air

If you want to cover a lot of Maui in a short time, perhaps your best bet is a tour of the island by airplane or helicopter.

Small planes cover the most territory, of course, and can include the nearby islands of Lanai, Molokai, and the Big Island of Hawaii. One company even specializes in scenic air tours over the "active volcano area" on the Big Island of Hawaii from Maui in comfortable, air conditioned, twin-engine 10-seat airplanes.

There are many helicopter tours -- some circle the entire island, others focus on Haleakala, Hana, West Maui, Molokai. You could also choose any combination. You'll see breath-taking sights you'd never see from the ground! Tours are narrated through special earphones, and many companies offer videotapes of your tour -- images of the Valley Isle's unbelievable beauty you can share with your friends back home.

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