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Employment Opportunities

We have immediate openings for Independent Contractor Sales Professionals in our Internet and Magazine Publishing departments.

We are now hiring Independent Contractor Sales Professionals to sell our proven programs in the Hawaii market, mainland USA, and internationally. If you are interested in a full-time, professional sales career opportunity with high-income potential with the dominant leader in its field, click here to send us your resume.

You will be well compensated for showing clients how to generate more revenue for their own companies. You will sell business-to-business to people whose job it is to buy what we sell. Buyers include primarily visitor industry-related businesses and real estate-related businesses.

Everything a serious sales pro needs to succeed is here:
  • Proven program

  • Leads

  • Residuals

  • Forward-looking company in growth mode

  • Opportunity to earn an exclusive license in geo-areas.

  • Work environment:
    Work your own hours. Work in your own place. Work in your own style. Job location is Virtual. You get paid for performance, not attendance, and there is no limit on your income.

    Visit these websites to see if you can envision yourself selling our products/services (and if interested in management, building a sales team):

    Best Places Hawaii sales

    Hawaii Data Book sales

    OnEarth Resource Guide sales

    These are proven products in the Hawaii market and we are looking to roll-out these products/services on the mainland USA and then internationally.

    Our approach:
    You start as an independent contractor with an aggressive commission plan (that includes generous new and ongoing renewal commissions, so you can build a book of business) plus production bonuses. If you want to join the company as an employee (after demonstrating success as an independent contractor), we are happy to extend that offer (or you can remain an independent contractor it's your call).

  • Proven ability to sell.

  • Self-image as a rainmaker, racehorse, dealmaker, hunter.

  • Ability to effectively communicate, both in verbal and written form.

  • Excellent telephone skills.

  • Strong literacy in Internet browsers; comfortable using contact management database programs; and email.

  • The successful candidate is: Honest, Ambitious, High-Energy, Outgoing, Assertive without being aggressive, Competitive, Self-reliant, Persistent, and Smart. You have a good speaking voice. You like to win. A day of work for you is a fun challenge, even a bit of a game.

    If you are interested as an investor, see: Investor Relations

    You can find out more about our company here: About Us

    If, after reviewing the above information, you feel you would be successful selling our products and services, then submit your resume here:
    Via Email or
    Via Online.

    Company Culture:
    At H&S Publishing/Best Places Hawaii you will find a team with an entrepreneurial spirit in the midst of a growth mode -- a combination that makes for an exciting, challenging, and rewarding opportunity. The people who work here have created our culture, a sort of casual, but intense professionalism. In the owner's office is a framed Ayn Rand quote which reads: "It is not your obedience we seek, but your conviction."

    We are headquartered in Hawaii with servers in Chicago and Dallas. You can be located anywhere, as long as you own a computer and have high-speed access to the net. We have employees in Seattle, Washington, Northern Virginia, Central Florida, Ecuador, and Hawaii.

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