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Organic Bouquet

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OrganicBouquet.com is the Internet's first organic florist, offering a beautiful assortment of eco-friendly flowers for your personal enjoyment and gift-giving needs. Our flowers are shipped fresh direct from the farm and available for nationwide delivery!

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Company Spotlight:

Organic flowers address the core purpose of organic production: to enrich the Earth and protect farm worker safety. Your support encourages more growers to convert to organic practices and to reduce toxic chemical usage in the world!

Why Buy Organic Flowers?

  • Whenever you touch or inhale the scent of your non-organic flowers, you are likely touching or inhaling poisonous chemicals. When you buy organic flowers, you will not have to worry about chemicals on your flower bouquets being toxic to your children, other members of your family, or yourself.

  • Buying organic flowers helps support local organic farming communities and organizations, which often have charitable, philanthropic motives for selling their flowers.

  • Organic flowers, according to many people, last longer than non-organic ones.

  • On a spiritual, holistic level, organic flowers have been farmed in such ways that they retain the essence of flowers, as Mother Nature intended them to have.

  • Organic flowers are a natural part of a healthy, natural lifestyle.

  • Pesticides and other toxic chemicals used on flowers affect the health of farm workers and florists. The toxic chemicals spread onto the clothes and into the bodies of farm workers and their children. Florists who handle non-organic flowers have been known to develop dermatitis on their hands.

  • The toxic chemicals used on flower farms poison groundwater and the soil. These chemicals also become part of the food chain, as animals such as birds will eat the sprayed plants. In the course of their seasonal migrations, these birds will spread these chemicals globally.

  • Through evaporation, toxic pesticides and fertilizers that are sprayed on flower farms end up in the atmosphere. They then travel to other global areas to fall as rain or snow.

  • Every flower counts: Increasing sales of certified organic flowers gives the market notice that more organic flowers need to be grown, which makes more flower farms convert to using organic agricultural methods.

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